• Malware cleanup such as adware, trojans, viruses.
  • Windows re-install or upgrade (any language).
  • Update Windows with latest drivers and software for optimal performance.
  • Make Windows 8 or 8.1 look and feel like Windows 7.
  • Consultation on building or purchasing a new desktop or laptop computer.
  • Ability to connect to customer's computer and do the work remotely, using remote desktop software.

Desktop computers (PC / Mac):
  • Build new PC for gaming or office using high quality components.
  • Install Solid State Drive (SSD) for super fast Windows experience.
  • Upgrade components such as hard-drive, CPU, motherboard, power supply, graphics card.
  • Diagnostic of parts such as hard-drive for bad sectors, RAM, power supply.
  • Transfer data to a new hard-drive or SSD.

Laptop computers (PC / Mac):
  • Order and replace broken parts such as keyboard, touchpad, screen, fan, LCD screen, etc.
  • Upgrades (hard-drive, SSD, RAM, processor).
  • Clean the the heatsink fan and replace the CPU/chipset thermal compound with a high quality one.
  • Diagnostic of components such as hard-drive and RAM.

  • Help purchase and install a wireless router.
  • Extend wireless coverage.
  • Install a cetralized network storage system (some models can be used to stream music and video to SmartTV and other devices).
  • Configure securty video systems such as DVR or NVR for remote access so you can watch it with your smartphone (Android, iPhone...)
  • Network printer setup (to share a single printer at home or office)

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